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Our track record

ChildHope has nearly 30 years’ experience working alongside local organisations to identify safeguarding risks that programmes and operations are exposed to, develop strategies and policies to mitigate risk and train staff in best practice. On top of our programme work we are recognised leaders in the development sector and have a track record in bringing experts and stakeholders together. We area founding member of Keeping Children Safe, a global network committed to protecting the world’s most vulnerable children from abuse and exploitation. Our Executive Director is a co-chair of one of the BOND safeguarding working groups. Our work has always adhered to the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our consultancy service

We bring this expertise and leadership to our consultancy business which develops the safeguarding capabilities of the private sector, NGOs and charities. We deliver a range of services including auditing, child protection policy development, training, workshop facilitation, learning events and seminars and convening high level conferences and thought leadership events. Our consultancy clients range from 175-year-old humans rights organisation through to digital start-ups looking to being a world of issues into the hands of potential donors through an innovative video sharing platform.

We use our networks to extend the reach of our expertise through our Lunch & Learn seminar series which enables staff at all levels of an organisation to develop their safeguarding expertise. Our expert opinion comment pieces provide insight and advice in bitesize format. Our research and learning resources provide practical tools for

Renewed commitment to safeguarding

Recent abuse scandals have led to an intense focus on protection and safeguarding within the UK International Development sector. The investigation by the UK’s International Development Committee following the exposure of sexual exploitation and abuse in the sector called for sector-wide clarity and agreement on how a positive safeguarding culture can be identified. The Charity Commission is setting out stricter compliance guidelines for senior management teams and trustees.

There is a will and commitment from the whole sector to work together and we all recognise there is an urgent need to strengthen child protection and safeguarding policy and practice worldwide. We are committed to taking a leading role in this effort.

A more socially-minded private sector 

Improvements in safeguarding practices are not only being driven by the recent negative media attention. Alongside this there is the growing demand from the public for businesses to operate more ethically – from food to technology to clothing, consumers are becoming more aware and concerned about the impact of their choices. Business respond to customer demands and the growing social awareness of the public provides an opportunity, which we have not previously had, to strengthen the safeguarding approaches of big business and take expertise from international development into the private sector.

Scaling up

We are now in a position where we are scaling up our consultancy service. With funding from Comic Relief’s Futures Lab, we are developed our UK consultancy into a global social enterprise with strong leadership from partners in Kenya, Tanzania, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Nepal. We already have strong and established relationships with these organisations and they were handpicked to be part of this service because of their expertise and experience in child protection and safeguarding and in training and facilitation.

Together we will develop, deliver and champion locally relevant and culturally appropriate training, advice and guidelines. Our partners will provide contextual insights and expertise that only come from being based in a developing country. They will ensure the voices of smaller organisations and the children and families they support are heard and can influence decision making and policy development in the largest global private sector business and international agencies. Together we will keep more children safe.

Looking for downloadable resources?

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More downloads

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Partnership with ChildHope

Partnership is at the heart of our approach. Our partners are entrepreneurs and innovators, activists and facilitators who understand the context of the children’s lives. They share our commitment to working alongside children to bring about changes to their lives.

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